This is the story of well, you guessed it, Deadhead, a guy who always wanted to become a super hero and save the world but lacks any super powers, special training, arcane artifacts and money.

Stuck in Maincity, Deadhead meets a strange person with even stranger abilities who goes by the name of STONER.

After becoming friends they decided to adopt a highly intelligent talking ape who happens to have been a super hero back in the 80’s but, after a series of bad lucks , became homeless and developped a drinking problem.

Together they will explore the dark and smelly alleys of Maincity in the everlasting quest of searching for something to do.

Deadheadcomicks was created a long time ago by two comic book readin’, wrestling watchin’ , heavy metal listenin’ dudes called Sébastien Régnier and Nadim. Its started as a four pages comic but somehow it grew a life of it’s own.

Unfornatly Sébastien, even with all his promising talent as a comic book writer, decided to call it a day after four issues and went on to bigger and better things. The only problem is that Deadhead doesn’t quit easy, so Nadim had to write and draw the comic by himself.

Sometimes Deadhead comicks is sold in the physical world on the street of Montréal, at comic book conventions or zine fairs. But the purpose of Deadhead is to be read, so that’s why it’s available for free on this web site for everyone.


Deadhead; Stillbirth collects the first four issues ever created. 

Written by Sébastien Régnier and drawn by Nadim, it tells the story of how Deadhead, Stoner and Apeman got together and a failed attempt at super heroing.

This comic is like if someone put dark humor, an attempt at serious comic book writting, social commentary, despair and passion into a blender. It looks weird, taste weird but still highly enjoyable.



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