What’s up?


If you are one of the few people who read TERRIBLE issue 1 and read the first 8 pages of Deadhead issue 9, you might have noticed that the last page of the comic is a wrestling poster.

I know that it’s confusing. I didn’t have time to add what I wanted on the page and if you haven’t guessed ( I won’t blame you, don’t worry) It’s a poster Apeman looks at.

So yep, the next few stories of Deadhead will feature wrestling. It’s not gonna be about wrestling but will be .. well kinda about wrestling.

In order to do a half decent job, I’m learning all I can about how the wrestling business works. I’m reading articles, listening to interviews, trying by best to expand mt knowledge on this obscure art.

Stay tuned for updates on character development and all the strange ideas I will come up with if I was a booker in a wrestling fed. 

IWF poster